About Boys & Girls Club of Sunnyside and Woodside

Sunnyside / Woodside Boys and Girls Club (SWBGC) was founded in January 2010 by a group of committed residents who saw the need for after school programs for the kids in our neighborhoods. Over the past year we have organized, funded and created programs that operate out of St. Teresa’s gymnasium. Our volunteer team has put together fun community events to raise funds, and while the overall response has been great we need to do more and raise funds to support sustainable programs for our kids and our community.

Over the next year we invite you to join the movement within our local neighborhood in Queens, New York as we make a difference in kids lives and our community’s future!  We are using online tools, and “on-the-ground” mobile technology to update you on our interactive blog as well as Facebook and Twitter. Transparency will allow you to be immersed in the progress that will be on going until our facility is built – seeing exactly where your contributions of time, money, goods and services is being put to immediate good use.

Our board of directors and committee members collectively designed a fundraising solution that allows you to choose a specific program you can help fund! Whether you care about sports, music, arts, technology, education or (etc) you can select where you want your contributions to go. Below are brief descriptions of each of the eight programs we have made available for funding:

Arts & Theatre
We are ready to create exciting programs around self-expression, creativity and lots of drama! Recent budget cuts are reducing arts & theatre programs and taking the spot lights off our future. Your donation will build the stage for children to shine!

Our school system is broken. We are not interested in the problem, but the solution. SWBGC is comprised of smart people, willing to share their worldly professional experience. Your donation will build the fundamental structure to learn properly.

Our children taught us how to recycle, how to eat healthy and they will continue to teach new habits in the home. Introducing “Green” concepts will plant the seed for concepts to grow into solutions, businesses and new sustainable habits.

Years ago you had to “make it” as a musician locally before taking the show on the road. Today technology has changed the landscape and perception of today’s musician. Let our children be heard and explore how they can take their beat global.

Social Responsibility
Sunnyside and Woodside has always stepped up to lend a hand. Together we need to teach the importance of community, respect and leadership. Let’s prepare to pass the torch to our young Sunnyside and Woodside leaders.

Do you remember wearing that uniform? Do you remember winning or losing that big game? How good that (fake) gold trophy felt in your hand? That is why we coach and raise funds.  

Social networking, mobile technology, cloud computing systems and communications will all change our workforce forever. What we do locally will impact global businesses. Our young innovators need a “think-tank” to develop hypothesis into proven models.

Overweight children are much more likely to become overweight adults unless they adopt and maintain healthier patterns of eating and exercise. It is our responsibility to create fun and engaging programs that become routine within healthy lifestyles.

SWBGC (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization) is a inviting you to participate in creating this extraordinary future by making a tax-deductible donation. You will receive an instant receipt for your tax records, and an opportunity to continue to follow our progress and support our neighborhood kids to go the distance!

We accept Credit Cards

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